whats dna
Deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly known as DNA, is a complex molecule that contains all of the information necessary to build and maintain an organism.


Biology is the study of living organisms and life processes that provides in-depth  scientific knowledge, of the structure,  behavior, origin, growth and  reproduction process in  life. It helps in understanding the natural processes of environment and ecosystems, understand  the body from  the medical point  of view which is essential in identifying diseases, developing cures etc. It lays an important foundation for the fields such as zoology,  ecology, molecular biology, genetics, aerobiology, bioinformatics and  biomedical research. Knowledge of  biology is  essential in professional careers such as teacher, researcher, scientist, doctor, chemist,  pharmacist, nurse,  lab  technician, environmentalist, medical and  dental assistant,  dentist, chiropractor and a myriad other professions.

Course: Weekly 2 hours

Standard Fees: $40 per hour