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SAT Test Preparation

SAT (or ACT)  test scores are an important part of college admissions. They form a valuable measure of a student’s mastery of essential subjects and so it is considered by most colleges as a criterion– along with GPA and others – for admitting a student.   Various studies have shown that in most cases,  proper targeted preparation for SAT/ACT greatly helps in the students’  performance in these tests.

Synergy Tutor has several AFFORDABLE programs to prepare students for excellence in SAT. The classes are small,  the coaching is individualized and students are given extra coaching to help them refresh and update their knowledge in the essential fields. There are weekly tests that allow the student to practice and get comfortable with the tests.  We use additional online practice tests to sharpen the students’ skills. In addition to regular prep classes, students can choose from several options: Accelerated catch up classes, Long haul classes for students who would like to start early and build up over several months, Math Only and  English Only class for students who require help with only one subject.

The rates are much more affordable than many established courses, $1,300 for a full course vs $2,000 to $3,000 in other places.

Test Preparation  Synergy/per student Compare with
SAT – Math and English, 8 weeks $1,300 $2,200
Accelerated –  4 weeks $1,200
Long term – slow and steady – 32 weeks $2,000
Math-only – 8 weeks $ 750
English only – 8 weeks $750

Course Duration : 8 weeks for regular classes

Course Fee: $1300 for regular course, other options available